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How Healthcare BPO Help Acquire And Retain Patients


Ever since hospitals and healthcare facilities relied on healthcare BPO to improve their operations and customer service, the focus on how they help to acquire and retain patients has increased. Just like any other business, the healthcare operates similarly. While customers are important to retail or travel, patients are to healthcare. Hence, improving patients’ experience is very important. In order to provide that, healthcare call center companies are embracing newer technologies and more cost-effective options to hospitals and clinics.

Here are the ways in which healthcare BPO help with patient acquisition and retention:

Providing proper training to new staff

Proper onboarding is essential when bringing in new staff. A reputed healthcare call center invests in training staff on every aspect of the legacy system and its protocols. For instance, train staff on how to say doctor names and provide training on fundamental customer service protocols for healthcare. They should know and have access to pertinent information, such as demography, contact details, or coverage benefits.

Next, the call center develops an enduring training program that keeps agents aware of the latest happening within the healthcare organization and the contact center system. Agents will find their job interesting when they are involved more and provide better services.

Identification of documents and objectives

It is crucial to start any policy by understanding the objectives of a project or process. How does it foresee your operations moving forward? What are the long-term and short-term objectives? If a call center has an aging, on-premises system, it will require more help determining how to move from the older model to a new solution. With these questions answered, the call center then prepares for the challenges and obstacles to those goals. Most healthcare call center companies can search for technology and solutions that solve those problems and meet the objectives.

Categorizing groups as per experience and expertise

One of the biggest mistakes people make with call centers is having their agents take care of inbound as well as outbound calls. As a substitute, successful healthcare call center companies organize and segregate staff based on expertise.

There is a dedicated process for new patients where agents handle only new patients, their requests, and communication requirements. Grouping staff based on expertise and area of proficiency can make managing medical customer service more organized and streamlined—for example, a group of agents who only handle enquiries and bookings related to the cardiology department.

Routine quality check and performance audit

Quality management and quality assurance are very crucial for contact centers. In most call center settings, calls are recorded. The team leader or supervisor listens to the calls and uses a scorecard to rate the quality and provide feedback to improve the quality. Another area where quality assurance is essential is the ability of agents to resolve problems or address their requests.

Data analytics-based decision-making

A contact center supervisor should talk and notify about their successes and failures. It is also essential to communicate results, as the volume of calls, call drop rates, the average time to answer, and so on. This information is precious to agents and helps supervisors spot and offer other training opportunities.


We understand that healthcare call center outsourcing work is different from other industries. You may offer durable medical equipment, or provider medical billing services, or full member support for your health plan (or more!) and each company is special. Your products and services are unique. It’s why your company exists, and it is our mission to deliver the best customer service and experience so your company excels. It’s mutually beneficial – our success ensures yours and it only enhances our partnership.

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