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Why Fusion BPO Services is Emerging as a leading BPO Services Provider


Fusion, also known as Fusion BPO services, is a leading global BPO with over 30 years of experience in the customer service industry. The BPO company has dual headquarters in Kolkata, India, and Draper, Utah, USA. Fusion has grown exponentially in the past few years under the able leadership of its co-founders, Mr. Pankaj Dhanuka (CEO) and Mr. Kishore Saraogi (Director), and its senior leadership team. In the past 17 years, they have made seven prominent acquisitions that helped them become a global BPO quickly.

As a global BPO leader with a presence in 9 countries and a 6000+ workforce, Fusion caters to a global clientele from different industry verticals. The BPO caters to the diverse outsourcing needs of modern businesses.

Services Fusion BPO Services Provide

Fusion BPO Services is known for its high-quality outsourcing services in over 40 languages. Its various services include –

      • Inbound Call Center Services
      • Outbound Call Center Services
      • Back Office Services
      • Tech Support Services

Inbound Call Center Services

Fusion BPO Services offers inbound call center services designed to ensure the delivery of the highest level of customer experience in each interaction. Some of their inbound call center services are as follows:

Customer Service

Fusion offers high-quality customer service via voice, chat, email, and text to ensure an exceptional customer experience that meets customer expectations every time and at every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle.

Answering Services

The BPO specializes in effective and accurate answering services that include everything from detailed reporting to emergency handling.

Billing/Invoice Support

Fusion offers billing/invoice support through efficient data handling and reporting.

Refund Claim Processing

Fusion also processes refund claims with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, ensuring better customer satisfaction.

Email Support

Fusion’s email support focuses on a prompt response and first-contact resolution to boost customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Support

Fusion BPO Services offers best-in-class live chat support to boost the conversion rate and improve customer experience.

Outbound Call Center Services

As a multilingual and multichannel BPO, Fusion offers a wide range of outbound call center services ranging from generic services to industry-specific services. Some of their outbound call center services are:

Lead Generation

Fusion’s multichannel lead generation services fill its clients’ sales pipeline with fresh leads with a high conversion rate.

Collections and Recovery

As a PCI-DSS certified BPO, Fusion can offer collection and recovery services to different organizations across the globe.

Appointment Setting

Fusion BPO Services specializes in making appointments, reservations, and service schedules for clients from different industry verticals.

Market Research

The global BPO offers extensive market research services which help its clients make an informed decision for their businesses.

Back Office Services

Fusion BPO Services can provide an expansive range of back-office services through chat, email, and other channels to meet its clients’ back-office call center outsourcing needs. Some of its primary back-office services are:

Order Fulfillment

Fusion offers order fulfillment as part of its back-office service offerings.

Account Receivable/Payable

The BPO’s accounts receivable/payable service helps businesses recover their debt faster and more efficiently.

Billing/Invoicing Support

The BPO services provider is known for its efficient billing/invoicing support that ensures that its clients’ customers can receive accurate billing information.

Order Tracking

Fusion’s order tracking services offer prompt and up-to-date information about a product’s shipping through delivery.

Refund Claim Processing

Fusion offers refund claim processing services as a part of our back-office offering.

Tech Support Services

Helpdesk Solutions

Fusion BPO Services offers custom helpdesk solutions to its clients, ensuring prompt resolution of issues.

Platform and Application Support

Fusion provides platform and application support with their certified engineers, ensuring prompt resolution.

Desktop and Laptop Support

Fusion’s team of certified engineers offers timely and accurate desktop and laptop support solutions.

Network Support

The company also offers network support to the customers of its clients.

Industries Fusion BPO Services Cater To

 Fusion caters to the outsourcing needs of a global clientele. These clients belong to different industry verticals. Some of the prominent industry verticals the BPO company serves include:

      • BFSI
      • Technology
      • Retail & Ecommerce
      • Education
      • Travel and Hospitality
      • Energy and Utility
      • Home Improvement
      • Technology
      • Telecom
      • Healthcare

Location of Fusion BPO Services

Fusion BPO Services is present in 18 locations in 9 countries. These countries include:


      • USA
      • Canada
      • El Salvador
      • Jamaica

EMEA region

      • UK
      • Albania
      • Morocco


      • India
      • Philippines

From these 18 locations, Fusion caters to a global clientele.

The Best Things About Fusion

With 18 locations in 9 countries, Fusion BPO Services can offer affordable right shoring solutions. Besides location advantage, Fusion has state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to offer seamless BPO services to its clients. With an exceptional track record in customer satisfaction, the multichannel/omnichannel and multilingual BPO can deliver exceptional CX at every touchpoint of A customer’s journey. Each of the call center’s services, including the industry-specific ones, follow the standard regulations and industry compliances.

The BPO company boasts of 6500+ skilled employees trained to drive excellence in each of the processes. The company has a great work culture that reflects unity in diversity, equality, and zero discrimination. In fact, in 2020, Fusion was recognized as one of India’s Best places to work by the popular magazine Insight Success. Apart from These, Fusion BPO Services has also earned numerous accolades in the past few years which goes to show their mettle as an emerging BPO leader.


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