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4 Major Call Center Functions Explained in Details!


Call center’s functioning can almost be seen rooted among all business sectors today. They have given many companies the lifeline in troubled times. An established business has many complicated operations, which needs proper looking after. Both the Inbound and Outbound call center services individually provide quite the support.

Other than a struggling business sector, companies often outsource special projects, for a specific period of time. This is to enhance the effectiveness of a short-term project with a long-lasting agenda. However, the business has to be cautious and intuitive enough in choosing the external organization as well as recognizing the services in urgent need of assistance.

Popularly speaking, call center services are usually categorized into two divisions, Inbound and Outbound call center services. Both these services are like two sides of the coin, and they cumulatively work for overall business growth.

Inbound Call Center Services

The inbound call center services are the long-term solution for the business. It provides services such as customer support, indirect marketing, data collection, and other such strategic moves. Mostly, Inbound call centers are tasked with taking calls from customers regarding some issue. These may be query or a order placement.

It is their duty to solve the problem or at least provide information on where to get it fixed. The Philippines have become a call center hub in the past decade. And, Call center Philippines is especially known for its inbound call center services. With excellent employee base it is always actively working for you!

Outbound Call Center Services

On the other hand, an outbound call center looks at the immediate income of the company. It will do everything to achieve a momentary outcome. As this is a service that a business does solely for its own desire of growth, Outbound call center services make calls to potential clients. These calls are advertising, direct marketing, and sales calls, all of which have no underlying benefit for the consumers.

There is another way to identify different call center processes based on their methods of reaching the audience. These are called voice and non-voice processes.

Voice Process

Going with the name of the process, it is easy to understand that, voice process is operated through verbal communication and audible means. That is to say, any communication procedure that involves two parties verbally exchanging words can be considered as a voice process. Verbal communication urges for a quick response from both sides. Call center Montreal, Canada is known for its spontaneous approach.

Non-Voice Process

The non-voice process is the exact opposite of the voice process. It communicates with the audience through other means except for audible ones. It could be written, or mailed, or could be conducted through other means of communication.

Lately, non-voice processes have earned much recognition. Most chatting services are non-voice processes and the current world is quite adjacent to the settings. Which is why many Outbound call center services use non-voice process today, just to tap into a larger audience.




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